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The Personnel Office provides a variety of human resource services with a human touch in NCNU, including, but are not limited to, employee recruitment and retention, appointment processing, training compliance, evaluation compliance, time and labor processing, and employee fringe benefits.The service menu is also defined according to the development of school affairs. The Personnel Office hopes to garner the developments of IT and the Internet to provide immediate and accurate human resource information and simplify the human resources procedures, in order to upgrade the service efficiency and allocate forward-looking and competent human resources into strategic planning. By improving the efficiency management and the upgrade of professional expertise, the Personnel Office strives to provide innovative services with new human resources concepts.


  • Organization chart designs, employee headcount management, recruitments, promotions, temporary transfers and part-time work of lecturers and professors, relocations and dismiss of faculty employers
  • Training of teaching and faculty staff, performance reviews, rewards and punitive measures for public servants, attendance management of teaching and faculty staff, and salary and benefit increases for teaching staff
  • Retirement, pensions, benefits, welfares, public-servant insurance and health insurance of teaching and faculty staff, care-taking of retired staff and human resources data management
  • Personnel management of manual workers, manage the personnel of contract hire, worker's insurance, property management


Hours: 8:00- 17:00, Monday - Friday

Location: 4Fl, Administration Building